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Finding the Perfect Massage Therapist

What does a client look for in a massage therapist?

Great listener? It is reassuring when the therapist takes the time to find out what the client is looking for in their session.  If the therapist is knowledgeable of client’s medical history and relevant intentions of client, it could certainly be a more informed and therefore productive session.

Strong hands? Face it, we would all like to think that the therapist is at least competent to perform a deep tissue massage, right?

Open heart? Empathy is a desirable trait for a massage therapist in that they are more present for the client’s needs.

Self-confidence? If a client believes in what the massage therapist is tailoring for the session, they will inherently believe that they are going to enjoy the massage and it’s benefits.

Respectable credentials?  If the therapist’s resume is visible to the client, on a website or in office, they may be chosen because of keywords, similar interests, or types of massage they do.

What are YOU looking for in a massage therapist?